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For almost 60 years, Electronic Centre Ltd has provided clients in St. John’s and throughout the surrounding area with superior electronic solutions. At first glance, one would think that their history is a typical story about the survival of another local enterprise. Not so. This is a story about the evolution of wireless technology, creative thinking, Big Brother and a need to make the world a safer place.

Owners Wallace J. Williams and Wayne C. Squires have positioned Electronic Centre to respond to security demands in industry through the rapidly changing world of wireless technology. For Squires, the demand for their expertise is summed up in two words: homeland security. A passion for protecting clients through technological innovation has gained Electronic Centre a solid reputation. Squires says, “No two days are the same, no two applications are alike…and taking on new challenges is never boring.”

Electronic Centre has evolved from a retail-focused electronic parts/communications sales and service operation in 1955 to a serious player in current wireless technology. About 97% of all of Electronic Centre’s security applications are geared toward the protection of large industrial interests at home and abroad. Only 3% accounts for retail business which is a shift from the 100% it accounted for in 1955.

The challenge to create custom designed security systems from concept to implementation is the catalyst for Electronic Centre’s success. Most systems simply do not exist. Squires says, “We have to create a solution for our customers by any means possible. We could be working with Photo ID terminals, security cameras…satellite emergency phone systems, whatever it takes.” After September 11th, 2001, Electronic Centre’s surveillance technologies were used to monitor activities onboard commercial aircraft, at major ports and at industrial mega-projects. Systems are designed to allow clients the ability to observe their operations from a PC anywhere in the world in real-time.

Electronic Centre consists of 10 specialized technological professionals, each with their own area of expertise, allowing us to meet any technological challenge in-house. This tight group has the chemistry to make ideas happen and a collective desire to find creative ways to solve problems. Once a system has been designed, delivered and installed, the staff at Electronic Centre often provides an educational role in the field for clients and colleagues.

Over the decades, Electronic Centre has fostered relationships with many contented and inspired clients from Iceland and Greenland to the Bahamas and Southeast Asia. “We get calls from all over the world inquiring about our technological capabilities,” says Squires, “my first question is ‘how did you find me?’” Word tends to get around fast by usual means, but it seems to move at the speed of light in the world at Electronic Centre. If technological innovation has driven Electronic Centre to achieve such remarkable feats since 1955, one can only imagine what milestones will have been reached in the years to come. After all, what the mind can conceive, the creative use of technology can achieve.

So the next time you’re shopping at your favourite retailer, reading a newspaper in a café or standing at a busy intersection in a major city, remember that Big Brother may be watching. For further information, contact us today!

Our Staff

  • Wallace J. Williams (owner)
  • Wayne C. Squires (owner)
  • Roma Coish
  • Roy Taggart
  • David St. John
  • Vern Rumbolt
  • Lorne Chafe
  • Danielle Collins
  • Matthew Mulrooney
  • Bill Hurley
  • Dawn Smith

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